Cuts and scraped usually don’t need that much attention. When your children get cuts and scrapes, don’t make a big production over it or you will just scare them. Wash the cut with soap and water, or use an antibacterial wipe if you’re not near any water, put some antibiotic cream on it and bandage it.

Sunburns can be more serious than you might think. Put hats on the kids and plenty of sunscreen.  Be careful to guard yourself from the sun too. If a sunburn does occur, treat it with pure Aloe Vera gel, some ibuprofen, and cold packs and make sure to stay hydrated.

Sunstroke or heatstroke is a real danger when you’re hiking. Rest frequently, especially if you have kids with you, and make sure that everyone drinks plenty of water.  You might want to use a mixture of half sports drinks and half water to help the kids stay properly hydrated. Cutting the sports drinks with water will help cut down on their sugar intake.

Take sprains seriously. The person with the sprain should rest as much as possible and elevate the sprained area and use a cold pack to reduce swelling.

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