When you visit Yellowstone, there is so much to see and do that you won’t want to leave the park, even for a moment. What better way to spend your nights in the area than by camping in the park? You’ll be able to get closer to nature, and be within a short distance of all of the attractions that you want to see during your vacation. You really can’t go wrong!

You have a lot of different options for camping in Yellowstone. There are 2,178 campsites and 12 different campgrounds within the park’s boundaries. If you don’t want to stay in a campground, there are also options for backcountry camping available. Either way, no matter how you like to camp, there are plenty of options for you and your family.

We’ve assembled a list of different campsites in Yellowstone, to give you an idea of all the different options you have for camping in this beautiful park.

1. Mammoth

There is only one campground in Yellowstone that is open year-round- Mammoth. Located in the northernmost part of the park, Mammoth is in an area that tends to stay dry, leading to the migration of a lot of wildlife. The campground is located in a beautiful area, and is in close proximity to Mammoth Hot Springs, the visitor center, and Gardiner, Montana, where you can go to grab dinner and drinks outside of the park. The campground boasts 85 different sites,  flush toilets, and can accommodate RVs up to 75 feet. Sites can be reserved for $20 a night.

2. Tower Fall

Tower Fall campground is located near the beautiful Tower Falls, which traverse a significant 130 feet. This campground is known as one of the best places to stay if you want to spend time in the Lamar Valley, which is always well worth a visit! The campground has 31 sites, vault toilets, and can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet long. Sites are available for $15 a night.

3. Pebble Creek

Pebble Creek is a more isolated campground, which can be difficult to find in Yellowstone! So for those of you looking for a more private camping experience, this may be a good campground to check out. This campground has incredible access to the Lamar Valley, where you can see a variety of wildlife and beautiful areas. The area can accommodate larger RVs than most other campsites. Pebble Creek has 27 individual sites and vault toilets. They can be reserved for $15 a night.

4. Slough Creek

Slough Creek is located very close to Pebble Creek, with a few additional perks. The campground allows similar access to the Lamar Valley, and also has access to fishing areas, and some years even has a wolf den in the area! The campground is slightly smaller than Pebble Creek, with 16 individual sites, and the same vault toilets. It can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet long, and can be reserved for $15 a night.

5. Lewis Lake

Lewis Lake is a favorite camping spot of fishing and boating enthusiasts. The campground itself lies near Lewis Lake, allowing for easy access to boating and fishing opportunities. The channel between Lewis Lake and Shoshone Lake is the only river in the park that is open to canoes and kayaks in the park. The campground has 85 individual sites, can accommodate RVs up to 25 feet long, and can be reserved for $15 a night.

6. Canyon

Canyon is one of the most popular campsites in the park. This campground is located in an ideal spot, providing easy access to most of the major sites that you might want to visit. It has a laundry station, showers, and flush toilets, so there are more luxuries included than in most of the other campsites in Yellowstone! Two showers a night are included in the rate of the campsite. There are 273 individual sites, and they can accommodate RVs up to 40 feet long. Since there are more amenities, the campsites are a little more pricy, at $30 a night.

7. Fishing Bridge RV

Fishing Bridge is an RV only campsite- no tents allowed! There is no max limit of length of stay, so in theory you never have to leave! There is an RV dump site, flush toilets laundry facilities, and showers onsite. There are two showers a night included in the rate of the campsite. This is the only campground with full electrical hookups. There are 346 individual sites, which can be reserved for $47.75 a night.

7. Madison

Located on the incredibly beautiful Madison River, this campsite is a woodsy one that is a favorite of fishermen. Along with the fishing opportunities along the river, this campsite is a great place to spot wildlife. This is one of three campsites where you can reserve tents in groups, which can be beneficial if you are traveling with friends or family. This campground has 278 individual campsites, a dump station, flush toilets, and can accommodate RVs up to 40 feet in length. Campsites can be reserved for $25.25 a night.

No matter how you prefer to camp, there is a camping experience suited  to your needs in Yellowstone.

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