If you’re getting ready for the camping season, then you’ll surely have lots to prepare, and camping stoves are among the most looked for items in the gear. There is a variety of models to choose from since they solve the problem of the dull dry meals you’d otherwise have to put up with.

Why are camping stoves better for cooking than a campfire? First of all they save you the trouble of arranging the campfire and keeping it burning regularly. Then, camping stoves are environment friendly without leaving any marks on the ground not to mention that they are less likely to get out of control.

Among the many types of camping stoves available we should mention the canister stoves, the liquid fuel stoves and the family camping stoves. Propane, butane or the combination of the two represent the fuel for the first kind of camping stoves mentioned here.

The stove needs to be attached to the canister and all you have to do is to turn the gas on and then light it. Such devices require no maintenance whatsoever and they are incredibly easy to use. Automatic ignition equipment will make the operation of the camping stoves even more convenient and efficient.

There are some bad bits about canister camping stoves. They only work well in warm environments, meaning that you should not rely on their use during the cold season.

It is more advisable to choose liquid fuel camping stoves if you are planning a camping trip in winter for instance. And last but not least, you should choose a model that has a recyclable canister, otherwise you won’t be able to properly dispose of it.


Liquid fuel camping stoves have the reputation of being the best in the branch since they can be operated in nearly all conditions. They rely on Coleman fuel, but there are other types of fuels available too.

As for family camping stoves they are the right choice in case you are not a backpacker. They are heavy and bulky, fitting best recreational vehicles for instance. Since the size allows it, you can cook two or three things on the family camping stoves at the same time.

Thus, there are two-burner and three-burner models with the corresponding differences in price. The grill-stove variety offers one other advantage here, allowing one to make hot dogs and hamburgers while also cooking some other dish.

The pots to go with the camping stoves are usually made of stainless steel since they are lightweight and easy to use and clean. With such cooking gear you should not worry about the camp menu.

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