From the many things to consider when you prepare for an outdoor trip, the creation of a camping supply list is truly important. An Excel sheet with the to dos is an absolute must: you’ll put down all the things necessary depending on where you are going and when.

Beside the basic useful items such as the tent, the sleeping bags, sleeping mats and the folding chairs, there are plenty of other things to take with you. Thus, the backpack should include a flash light, a pocket knife and a first aid kit.

Then comes the big question of what clothes to include in the camping supply list. Well, the answer to your dilemma is relevant for the time of the year when you go camping and for the extent of the vacation.

The camping supply list should include at least four T-shirts, some thicker clothes such as a vest or a fleece jacket. Shorts and regular pants are also necessary for every family member, and ladies usually prefer wearing whatever is the most comfortable for them during the camping trip.

Therefore, skirts and dresses are most often left out of the camping supply list. An item that should be always present in the backpack is the sunscreen lotion, even it’s spring or early autumn.


Other body care items to put down in the camping supply list are toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, hand cream, lip balm and the regular toiletries. Don’t forget to take several smaller and larger towels, at least three from each kind, particularly if you are going camping with the family.

When the camping supply list is ready with such items, it is time to think about the way you will be coping with meals in the camp. Forks, knives, plastic dishes preferably, a basket, aluminum foil and storage containers are of great help when away from home.

The spices and the salt and pepper should come first on the food-related items in the camping supply list.

Other elements that should govern the making of the camping supply list as well as its application include a whole range of individual factors specific to your trip. For instance, you should think well what amount of luggage is suitable for your expedition.

The more people, the more luggage; yet, it needs to fit in the car truck and be as well organized as possible. If you are going with a bunch of friends it is preferable to take your own tent since sharing could sometimes be uncomfortable.

If you are sensitive to insects, take some bug and musquito spray or cream just in case they give you a hard time.

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