Who hasn’t gone camping? Teenagers, grown-ups, families and friends, people gather in groups and take their backpacks and tents and go out in the open to relax and have fun away from the crowded and noisy urban areas.

It was only during the 20th century that camping started being seen as a major recreational activity, and the favorite destinations include national parks, public properties in the wild as well as special campgrounds to be rented. Camping is great for weekends and open air events participation like sports meetings and music festivals.

There is quite a large number of activities that go hand in hand with camping.

You can go camping with a recreational vehicle or you can associate it with walking, hiking, canoeing and other open air adventures. In case you’d rather have all the facilities available like toilets, hot showers, satellite TV and the like, you can choose permanent vacation camps.

It is however advisable that you check all the conditions before going to such a spot; the best tip here is to actually make a search and prepare all the details of your stay long before going on the trip. Recreational camping is also more popular in the Western society being less encountered in the Far East countries for instance.


For many people camping is a cheap and very much within reach vacation option, and since this kind of tourism has expanded pretty much over the last decades, the campgrounds have also improved the range of services they provide campers. Thus, you will find fire rings, barbecue grills and even laundry in most of the modern camping facilities.

Sewers and electricity are other things to expect from such a location and you will most likely enjoy having dinner comfortably seated in a camping chair and with some decent form of illumination system.

Camping vehicles occupy a special place in the vacation choices people from all over the world make nowadays.

For some, it is a lot easier to rent a camper van and go visit wild natural places than having a pre-established vacation plan to carry them to a fixed location.

Whether you prefer camping with a motorhome, or you stick to the tent and folding furniture, you can enjoy great cheap vacations on a very reasonable budget. The costs of a camping trip are considered to be less than half the expenses for a complete stay in a resort.

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