Sometimes parents that have kids who are on behavioral medications or other types of daily meds think that they can give the kids a rest when they go on vacation and not give them their medication.  Taking a child off medication suddenly can have very serious consequences, so experts recommend that you keep the kids on their daily medication schedule.  Here are some tips to make it easier to keep your kids, or you and your spouse, on a daily medication schedule even when you’re on vacation:

Call the doctor that prescribed the medication and get an extra prescription. Take one bottle of pills with you and leave one at home. That way if the bottle that you bring on vacation gets lost or thrown away you will already have some at home and won’t need to call the doctor panicking because the pills are gone. Most doctors will accommodate you by giving you another prescription or allowing you another refill if you explain why you need it.

Use a daily pill container.  Those little pill holders that most drug stores give away aren’t just for the elderly. They are a fantastic way to keep vitamins and medications dry and safe on a camping trip.  Use a separate pill holder for each person in the family. Clearly label the holders with the person’s name too so that there is no confusing.

Set a reminder alarm.  Use the alarm feature on your cell phone or watches as a reminder to you and the kids when the medicines need to be taken.  Carry a bottle of water with you all the time so that even if you’re in the middle of a hike you or one of the kids can take medicine if needed.

Keep a separate pill container filled with over the counter medicines.  To make sure that no one takes the wrong pill by mistake use a separate pill holder that is clearly labeled “OTC” to hold medications like ibuprofen or other pain relievers, heartburn pills, allergy pills, sinus pills, or other over the counter medications that you might need while you’re on vacation.

Find the nearest local pharmacy.  Even though you’re going to be camping out in the wilderness you will probably never be more than a few hours trip to a town that has a pharmacy or hospital.  Before you go on your trip use the Internet to find the address and phone number of the closest pharmacy to where you will be camping.

Program the phone number into your cell phone, and write down the address and phone number on a little card and put that in your wallet. That way if you need to call there to get a prescription refilled or if you need to go there in a hurry, you’ll have the address and phone number right at your fingertips.

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