When you decide to take a camping trip or go on a camping holiday it is of crucial importance to make sure you gather, buy and pack all the necessary camping supplies that will make your experience in the middle of nature a pleasant one.

If it is your first time camping with your family, you can even find camping supplies lists, information and tips on the internet. Many camping agents as well as campers who know very well what they are talking about, provide you with lots of information and helping tips regarding this type of trip or holiday.

Besides the items that your camping supplies should contain, you may also find information about prices of these items as well as where you can find the best to buy and/or rent.

A camping supplies list that most campers will give you generally contains the following items: tent, and tarps, ropes, cords and tent pegs as well as other accessories. Then, for sleeping and relaxation purposes do not forget sleeping bags/pads/cots or air mattresses as well as folding chairs and blankets.

Among your camping supplies you should include a backpack if you are not going to drive a camping trailer or car or if you intend to take some day trips. To deal with cooking and preparing your meals and to help you making a fire, in your camping supplies include matches, a fire wand, fire wood, lighters, a fire starter, a camping stove and a small camp ax.


Do not forget all the kitchen utensils: pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery that you will need to eat from and with. To make your baggage lighter and to make your life easy after eating, you should consider taking paper or plastic dishes instead the traditional ones which are heave, fragile and must be washed after being used.

Your camping supplies should also contain bug spray, a first aid kit, flashlights and lanterns, sunscreen and a shade canopy, medicine, penknives, as well as a camera and cell phone.

Toilet paper and even a camping toilet might be of importance especially if you will not set up your ìcampî on a campsite together with other campers, but in camping state parks, where you might find yourselves ìalone in the woods.

The camera and even a camcorder should be part of your camping supplies since you will want to remember it in the future. With these devices you can record the nicest and funniest scenes during your camping trip.

What we have just listed above as being important to add to your camping supplies, are just part of the necessary items. If you search the internet, you will surely find extended information and advice as well as very well organized lists of campling supplies to suggest what you need out there.

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