Camping is not always about roughing it but rather getting in touch with your natural side – along with a few basic amenities, of course. There are a number of cool camping supplies to choose from that can give you some of the comforts of home. 

Or, in some cases, these supplies could at least present a unique novelty perspective that would not wear off during the course of the camping trip.

Besides the obvious tents, sleeping bags and basic necessities of life (like food and water) scenario, what camping gear should you get?

Let your instincts and need for some semblance of home be your guide. Here are a few ideas to ponder:

1.  Camping stoves – Sure, you can cook solely over a campfire but who wants to build one when all you want to do is brew a pot of coffee in the morning? Most camp stoves run on canisters of propane for easy portability.

2.  Camping shower – If you chose a campsite a bit far away from the communal showers, having a portable one at your campsite can be priceless for quick rinse-offs.

Many camp showers come in the form of some type of bag that can be filled with water and hung from a tree to be heated by the sun. A convenient nozzle attachment allows you to direct water flow.

You can even buy a hot water system that uses propane to heat water which attaches to a water source such as a faucet.

3.  Camping lantern – You have a number of options to choose from here. There are some lanterns that run on propane with others use kerosene.

You might go green and purchase a solar powered one that charges by day using the sun so you can use it at night. Battery operated lanterns are convenient.

A wind-up or crank version can be great for emergencies such as no fuel or batteries.

4.  Camping cots – If the thought of sleeping on the cold hard ground makes your back ache, why not try a camping cot you can place your fluffy sleeping bag on? It will provide some body support and keep you up from the hard ground.

What is so cool about camping cots these days is that you can find some with a built-in “nightstand” option which is basically a flap that hangs off the cot so you can store personal items like medication or glasses.

There are bunk bed cots and even cots with their own tent covers or mosquito netting on them.

5.  Camping toilet – If the only campsite available to you was a bit too far away for a quick nightly jaunt to the community bathroom, you might want to consider a camping toilet. Basically, it resembles a chair only with a potty seat on it.

Removable bags are used to capture the bodily waste which can then be wrapped up and tossed away. You could even by an enclosure for it for privacy.

Everyone has their own camping requirements and items which they consider necessary. How much you are willing to rough it dictates which camping supplies you decide to purchase.

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